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Discovering your ideal property type among condo, condo townhouse, freehold detached, freehold townhouse, semi-detached, or link premises is crucial for buyers in Willowdale North York Toronto. 

This page presents the listings for Central North York's vibrant neighbourhood: an area stretching from east of Yonge Street to Steeles Avenue, with Bayview Avenue to the east and Highway 401 to the south. 

Count on our guidance to make an informed decision that perfectly matches your preferences and needs.

C14 Freehold
C14 Freehold

Freehold properties

Discover MLS listings for all sorts of freehold properties, including detached, semi-detached and freehold townhouses, in North York Willowdale's vibrant hub. 

Encompassing the desirable neighbourhoods of Newtonbrook East and Willowdale East. 

Find your ideal home in this sought-after location, offering a range of housing options to suit your preferences.

C14 Condominiums
C14 Condos


Explore MLS listings for condominiums and condo townhomes in North York Willowdale's vibrant neighbourhood. Discover your ideal condo or condo townhouse in the desirable neighborhoods of Newtonbrook East and Willowdale East. 

Immerse yourself in the convenience and lively lifestyle that these neighbourhoods offer as you search for the perfect property that aligns with your needs and preferences.