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When it comes to choosing between condo, condo townhouse, freehold detached, freehold townhouse, semi-detached, or link premises, it's important for buyers to understand what suits them best. 

This page showcases the listings available for the vibrant Willowdale West area district in North York: Yonge to Steeles, east of Dufferin to Highway 401. Explore the wide range of properties available in this sought-after area.

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C7 Freehold
C7 Freehold

Freehold properties

Discover Freehold houses, including semi-detached and townhouses for sale, in North York Willowdale West's vibrant district. Find your ideal home in this sought-after location.

C7 Condominiums


Explore MLS listings for condominiums, including condo townhouses, in North York Willowdale's vibrant district. Discover your perfect home in this sought-after location with a wide range of options available.